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Winning a civil judgment in court occurs every day, but did you know that roughly 75% of all judgment creditors never receive a dime, because they either do not have the time, inclination, or knowledge on how to locate the debtor, his or her assets, including owned homes, bank accounts, or even employment information for garnishment of wage purposes.

 We, at Atlas Judgment Recovery, specialize in pursuing the judgment debtor, and the recovery of his or her assets to enable judgment creditors to recover a major percentage, of what many thought was unrecoverable.

There is no out of pocket cost, or risk, to the judgment creditor if we fail to recover funds. This may occur if the debtor is deceased,or filed a bankruptcy, and named you a creditor in the bankruptcy petition. He may also have left the country, or is an evasive "flake".

Only after our recovery effort is successful do we get compensated, via a percentage of the proceeds recovered.

The process is extremely simple. First, a one page agreement, in very simple English, is signed by Atlas, and you, identifying the case in hand, and the percentage split, after a successful recovery of funds. The second one page document is the Acknowledgement of the Assignment of Judgment, which is signed by the judgment creditor, notarized, and returned to Atlas for filing in the court case file. This gives Atlas the legal right to pursue the judgment debtor.
With a no risk agreement with Atlas, you have nothing to lose, and only to gain a significant portion of your court awarded judgment.

If you feel we can be of service, please click on the "contact us" link for information on beginning the recovery of your court awarded judgment.
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